Why donate?

Proven through studies, peer recovery support services have reduced relapse rates, while enhancing personal well-being and long-term recovery. With a solution-focused approach, they’re critical components of ongoing care for people in recovery. Even with help from our funding partners—Monroe County and LaCrosse County Human Services’ State Opiate Response Grants—we appreciate donations, which go toward helping people receive peer recovery support services.

In the last year, we were able to:

  • Accept 95 participants referred to our organization and connect them with peer support

  • Train 42 people in two 30-hour Recovery Coach Academies

  • Hire 18 Peer Support Professionals to work with our organization

Your donation will help connect more people with PEER SUPPORT in Monroe, Vernon and LaCrosse Counties by allowing our agency to train and hire more peer support professionals.

  • Training costs $850 per person that our agency pays – peers have no costs for their training

  • We train 20 peers at a time in a Recovery Coach Academy

  • A donation of only $50 will pay for 3 hours of training

Donations stay with our organization, that are used to help local people such as your friends, neighbors, family members or community members.

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