In the Fall of 2023, when our Peer first engaged with their participant, they were homeless, unemployed, and barred from attending recovery meetings due to their behavior. Presently, the participant actively participates in meetings at various locations in LaCrosse, has secured housing, landed a job (and is seeking another), and enjoys a positive relationship with their family. They have undergone a profound transformation, now adept at expressing their emotions and resolving challenges with their Peer’s support, demonstrating remarkable progress despite ongoing hurdles. While the participant acknowledges there is still progress to be made, they have embraced their newfound identity, receiving affirmations from fellow recovery meeting attendees.

Our first “official” referral was a pregnant female on 2-18-21. We were able to connect her with a peer and she has kept in great contact with her. She has not had any episodes of return to use and she had her baby and has continued in her recovery. While she was pregnant, she also chose to take the Certified Peer Specialist Course and is anxiously awaiting her one year of sobriety date so she can work as a Peer herself. She said she would not have made it through her pregnancy as easily without the support she got from her peer. She recognizes the value of peers and can’t wait to become one!

In the last 3 years were able to:

  • Accept 500 participants referred to our organization and connect them with peer support

  • Train over 80 people in four 30-hour Recovery Coach Academies

  • Hire 47 Peer Support Professionals to work with our organization

(As of February 2024)